AAAS Workshop Handout

How to Create and Deliver an Effective Webinar

February 9, 2021

by Dennis Meredith

(Excerpted from Explaining Research: How to Reach Key Audiences to Advance Your Work, Second Edition, Oxford University Press, June 2021)

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Tips on looking good on a webcam

Only a few simple steps enable you to look good on a webcam:

Tips on conducting webinars and web meetings

Especially given the COVD-19 pandemic, webinars and web meetings are becoming far more ubiquitous. I define a webinar as an individual presentation that you make to a group. And I define a web meeting as a larger-scale event involving multiple presenters. Webinar and web meeting software are relatively inexpensive and can be mastered with a little effort. Both support two-way audio and video conferencing, as well as the ability to present slides, websites, video, software, and documents.

Hold an effective webinar

Here are tips for both webinars and web meetings:

Manage a successful web meeting

Consider creating a large-scale web meeting when you can justify it by the size of the potential audience. Some tips on developing a web meeting:

Web meeting resources and software

See these Explaining Research Chapter 3 resources on giving compelling talks

See these Explaining Research Chapter 4 resources on developing informative visuals

Watch this slide show "How to un-suck your PowerPoint slides!"