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The Climate Pandemic
How Climate Disruption Threatens Human Survival

Much of what you’ve been told about climate disruption are myths

The most comprehensive book on climate disruption, The Climate Pandemic reveals that, unlike what you've been told:

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The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has created a massive health and economic catastrophe that will reverberate throughout society for many years. However, society can recover.

In tragic contrast, we are in the midst of an infinitely more serious “climate pandemic.” Unlike the viral pandemic, it is never-ending. People will not become immune to its hazards. Nor will there be the equivalent of vaccines or drugs to treat it. In fact, the climate pandemic will steadily worsen, even threatening extinction, unless we launch a global political, economic, and technological revolution in our carbon-dependent energy system.

The Climate Pandemic offers profound new insights into the science, technology, politics, economics, and psychology that underlie the existential crisis that we face.

The Climate Pandemic explores:

The Climate Pandemic includes an extensive bibliography of references on climate disruption, with more than 1,700 hyperlinked entries. These include peer-reviewed scientific papers, books, and reports from government and international agencies and scientific associations.

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