The Rainbow Virus

It's the weirdest bioterrorism attack ever!

Loner scientist Arthur Lupo at first seems the most eccentric bioterrorist of all time. After vanishing from his lab at a biotech company, he releases viruses that only turn their victims a palette of colors. But then his chief pursuers—disgraced FBI agent Bobby Loudon and obsessive CDC epidemic-tracker Kathleen Shinohara—discover a horrifying fact. The brilliant Lupo has stolen the world's most lethal viruses from the Army's bioterrorism center.

Lupo reveals that his first viruses were only a test. He dramatically proves their infectivity by transforming the terrified citizens of Denver into a rainbow of colors. In a chilling declaration, he announces that he will now release an unstoppable artificial virus whose spread will decimate the world's population.

Loudon and Shinohara must race against time, a mysterious assassin, and a secret government faction to find Lupo and stop him.

The Rainbow Virus is a gripping, realistic bioterrorism tale that launches readers on a harrowing adventure with the flips and plunges of the wildest roller coaster.

Author and veteran science writer Dennis Meredith has spun this riveting tale drawing on his decades of experience working at leading research universities including Caltech, MIT, Cornell, and Duke.

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The characters are colorful (no pun intended) and the story is well-written. There is plenty of suspense, romance, action, and even some moments of levity. Fans of medical thrillers will love this book and other readers can also find plenty to enjoy within its covers. Amazon Customer

A page turning science fiction detective novel with a little romance and some tongue-in-cheeck humor. Science fiction with an emphasis on science ala Issac Asimov and detective/romance like Harlan Coben or Lee Child. A fast read with pauses for laugh-out-loud humor like Dave Barry. Would be a great beach read, but don't wait...curl up this winter with a must-read book!! Vicster

A rogue scientist has developed a complex virus that changes people's colors to mark that they have been infected. The bad part is that this is just stage one of his master plan to infect the world with the most deadly virus ever known. This story follows a drunken, burned out FBI agent and a beautiful CDC scientist as they race to find the madman and stop him. The story has many twists and turns and includes a love story, a hit man, army black ops, work tension, and race issues. It combines to be fast paced and interesting. Tamara Oklahoma

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