You need not be a TV "personality" to come across well on TV. These tips, condensed from Chapter 24 of Explaining Research, can help you give engaging, informative interviews:

  1. Study the format and style of the show and rehearse answers in that style.
  2. Develop props and other visuals that will demonstrate your research.
  3. Consider a bit of makeup powder to reduce shine.
  4. Dial up the energy of your voice, expression, and gestures to project through the TV screen.
  5. Be concise in your answers; a sound bite is usually no more than nine seconds.
  6. For taped interviews, feel free to stop and start over if your answer is not satisfactory.
  7. Do not be funny, ironic, or subtle.
  8. Smile, even when you are delivering serious news.
  9. Look at the reporter, not the camera, during the interview.
  10. Use erect posture.
  11. Do not wear sunglasses, patterned clothing, reflective or clanky jewelry