Translated by Yutaka Iijima ¦ Edited by Saeko Okada (2014)

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Note from the translators:
Saeko Okada never leaves home without a certain booklet in her bag, Working with PIOs. As soon as she obtained permission to translate her bible from the author Dennis Meredith, Saeko asked Yutaka Iijima if he was interested in joining her dream project: sharing Dennis' wisdom with a wider audience in Japan. This translation also serves to show their respect to PIOs across the globe, admiration for the author, and love of the profession.

Note from the author:
I would like to express my deepest appreciation to Saeko Okada and Yutaka Iijima for so ably translating Working with Public Information Officers. I believe that PIOs offer an invaluable aid in connecting scientists with the audiences that are so important for them to reach—including colleagues, potential collaborators in other disciplines, officers in funding agencies, institutional leaders, corporate partners, students, policymakers, journalists, and the public.

I hope that this translation provides scientists a useful tool to enable and encourage productive collaborations between scientists and their PIOs.
— Dennis Meredith